Justin Bieber Got 8M YouTube Views in One Day

Why is it that when people talk about Justin Bieber, there’s always a number involved? Justin Bieber is the second most followed celebrity on Twitter. He created a Twitter folly once, when he tweeted a mobile phone number with missing digits that disrupted an old couple’s peaceful living. What is it with Justin Bieber and numbers? Other than what he does on Twitter, he has also conquered YouTube in one day!
Justin Bieber apparently got 8 million YouTube views all within 24 hours after the release of his music video “Boyfriend.” Is that something of a shocker? Not really, since Justin Bieber has millions of fans worldwide waiting on him. So, it’s not surprising that millions of them flocked on YouTube when they heard about his latest single made available on the site.

The latest single entitled Boyfriend was officially introduced last March. In fact, it was one of the trending topics on Twitter at that time. This confirms how powerful Bieber’s pull at his Beliebers (what Bieber fans call themselves). The next month, we heard about how his fans were planning to overthrow the Twitter Queen Lady Gaga as the number one most followed celebrity, which as we all know backfired. This created bad publicity for Justin Bieber but as they all say, good or bad publicity is still publicity. Do you think it was a stunt to keep Justin on the eyes and ears of the public? Maybe, it was a ploy leading to the release of the official music video. It apparently worked, since at present the video has 16,167,805 YouTube views and still counting.

If you care to look at the official music video of Boyfriend, you will see a different Justin Bieber, a far cry from that refreshing boy who sang his first single “Baby” that surpassed Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance in views. Now you will see a sexy and smoking hot teenager surrounded by sleek cars and scantily clad equally hot girls. Some critics said that the theme on the music video is the same as NSYNC’s “Girlfriend” back in April 2002. It was the last single ever released by the boy band before they went separate ways. But for the Beliebers, it doesn’t matter if it’s a copycat concept. All they really care about is helping their idol maintain his popularity and continue scoring millions of YouTube hits and Twitter followers. Become unbeatable, one might say.

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