Recording Music at our London Studio

Recording Music at our London Studio

When it comes to recording studios in London we understand that you have a lot of options. London has thousands of recording studios for you to choose from, but here a Fluke Productions we promise you an experience like no other.

We offer a wide range of options depending on what kind of recording experience that you want and the final product you are hoping to produce.


Have you got the melody and lyric, but still need a backing track? We can create backing tracks and beats, both original and covers, to suit your style. Tracks are produced using our digital equipment to create contemporary sound – and can be remixed for radio. Our skilled in-house producer, Luke Henderson, is an expert in many genres – producing beats for hip-hop and rap artists as well as original compositions for TV, film, and computer game soundtracks.


If it’s just vocals you need, we’re the studio for you! The Fluke Productions producer is trained to listen attentively and help you to develop and enhance your vocals. The chilled surroundings and expert support helps artists to relax and perform, ensuring that you give your best performance on the day and walk away happy.


You’ve written the songs, now do them justice and get them professionally recorded. We’ve worked with artists in every genre, from classical jazz to thrash metal, delivering shining production without exception. When they know they can get great results at such competitive rates, especially in a London based recording studio, it’s no surprise 90% of our clients come back again.


Remixing your tracks helps you to reach a new audience. Our producer remixes for radio, clubs and live performance, giving you musical versatility at a surprisingly low cost.


We’ve worked with dozens of vocalists and our producer Luke Henderson is renowned for his ability to get the best performance from artists. So if you could benefit from coaching for your vocal technique or writing lyrics/melodies, just ask.


Let us know if you need additional musicians or vocalists for your recording. We have a selection of London’s finest on our books and can hire as few or as many extras as you need. Why not take advantage of the best of what a recording studio in London has to offer.


Need music transferred from tape, mini disc, DAT, CD, or DVD? We can convert your recordings to any multimedia format – giving you the option to get files put onto CD, DVD, or an MP3 catalogue. It’s inexpensive, fast and flexible.

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