SP Studios’ Expansion into Video Production, Photography, and Event Coverage

SP Studios’ Expansion into Video Production, Photography, and Event Coverage


SP Studios started out as an audio recording studio in 2006 that provides affordable, professional recording services. In the early years, they worked with up and coming artists and as the years went by, gained popularity in the music scene and worked with established artists.


Due to the success of the recording studio, they expanded into photography, video production and event coverage. The expansion was an easy transition thanks to the reputation SP Studios had made within the music industry. Their visual media expansion has made ‘that’ SP Studios a one stop shop for all your media needs.




Photographers from SP Studios are passionate about their craft. They can visualise the images even before they take a shot. They have several photographers who have different specialties that allow the studio to assign the right one for the job. They provide a wide range of packages to suit the needs of their clients. They offer album cover, advertising campaign, or a family portrait. Other services they provide include modelling, product, and event photography. They also do photo editing/manipulation and photo printing.


Video Production


When it comes to video production, SP Studios works with the clients to come up with an innovative and creative video. They create a video that incorporates the visions and concepts of the client. They have a team of experienced videographers and lighting experts who can bring those ideas into life. They also have a full editing suite for them to polish the final output. They have lots of experience in creating music videos, adverts and event coverage. Clients don’t need to worry about a thing when SP Studios is on the job. Some of the video production services they offer include net videos, motion graphics, corporate videos, as well as adverts/promo videos.


Event Coverage


SP Studios covers both private and corporate events. They know how to produce engaging footage that will relive the event and touch the emotions of viewers. They discuss with the clients and determine their requirements that will ensure that the videographers and editors know the client’s needs. They utilise professional equipment fulfil the needs of the client. Event coverage includes photography, event filming and interviews.


SP Studios Previous Visual Media Jobs




Event coverage of Soccer Six with I Am music TV in April, and then in June, they covered Macy Grey’s performance at the Jazz Café. Some of the footage will be part of the artist’s upcoming DVD. They also covered the events for several west end clubs such as Aura Mayfair, KingsClub Chelsea and event company ClubKing Parties, In July, they covered The Man Inside movie premiere and worked with Knomo .




SP Studios began working with Rough Copy and made the series Cover Sundays. They covered various events throughout the year, such as Hip Hop Isn’t Dead and Geordie Shore opening party at the Aura Mayfair. In June, they did an interview with JSpades for AfterSessions. In December, they worked on the Ciroc Boyz DVD and interviewed MR Play, Roger Bonds, and Dead Eye.




They worked with BassBuds on their BB Live series that featured interviews from Gabrielle and Vince Kidd.  Was invited to the Youtube Studios by Zack Knight for his single with Shadstar. Then in July they covered the In The Style Lauren Pope Summer Collection event. Last August, they covered the Fusion Festival in Birmingham, as well as the Juicetou rebranding event.





Clubking Parties https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fM7o13LUxgg


Aura Mayfair  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=83nYNMLcnSw


Kingsclub Chelsea



The man Inside






cover Sundays https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uwb6craofs8&list=PLH3KneV5VSh0Opz05_uZv3kSUY_ZbNgwm


Hip Hop Isnt Dead



Geordie Shore



J Spades



Ciroc Boyz DVD



Vince Kidd






Zack Knight



In The Style Lauren Pope summer collection https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A2ef9HBJRs8


Fusion festival Birmingham



Juictou rebranding event


SP Studios’ Expansion into Video Production, Photography, and Event Coverage

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