Henry Colin Wright has released his new track “What’s Going On.”

Henry Colin Wright has released his new track “What’s Going On.” It is the first and lead single off his debut EP, which is due for release later this year. This track is not Henry’s first single, he has brought out three prior to this with them being “Together We Are Stronger” which was written by him and one of his friends in the middle of last year,

“Lonely Inside” which is an emotional song that Henry wrote by himself during the first lockdown last year, and also “Here For You” which Henry released at the tail end of last year and has gained quite some attraction since release. Talking about the process of making his latest single, Henry commented: “writing this song was a relatively long process in comparison to most of my other songs, I think this is because I’ve been in lockdowns for months now and I normally get inspiration from day to day events and the special experiences that I get with friends and family when I write my music, so not being able to use my main source of inspiration for songwriting makes it a lot longer and harder”.

And finally talking about how he thinks the song will go down with his listeners, Henry commented: “I think that they will take it quite well, whenever I write songs I always try to make the lyrics as relatable for my listeners as possible. I think the lyrics at the beginning of the first verse “I’m going through a difficult time, but I tell everyone that I’m fine” generally will be relatable for a lot of my listeners, and especially during this tough period of time, I’m really hoping that by listening to the song some people will be able to get their bad feelings out and end up feeling happier.

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